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Helping with Meals!

Getting home after a long day at work just to make dinner and eat it in under 20 minutes because your mom is acting hyper, then trying to get her dish and put it in the dishwasher before she puts it away, dirty, in the cupboard, is a lot to handle. Most days, we made it through dinner okay. Other days, we wanted to run for the hills! That is, until one of our friends had a genius idea that saved us from exhaustion when we really needed it. 

Quick Guide to Social Security Disability

One of the most important things I did when I first moved home to take care of my mother was sign her up for Disability. Unfortunately, this did not happen until 2 years after she was diagnosed, which was 6 years after she first showed symptoms. I am STILL kicking myself over this, but I didn't know it was even an option! It wasn't obvious, and I still am not sure why I thought to do it. 

What does Social Security Disability get you?

World Hospice & Palliative Care Day!

Here we are again bringing recognition to another aspect of caregiving. Today, October 10th, is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day! A very important part of any chronic illness' trajectory, hospice and related care are often misunderstood. 

Hospice Care

What is it? 

A Helping Hand - AARP

I was at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC in early September, and AARP was there as a sponsor. They were also promoting resources for caregivers! I have them listed on my page as a resource already, but I wanted to share some of their initiatives in more detail. One of the kind volunteers joked, "You're barely 50!" (I am 28) when I came to the table - and we had a nice exchange about how there aren't enough resources for younger caregivers. Thankfully their materials are helpful to anyone at any age.