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Happy Birthday Mom! Let's Eat Apple Crisp!

Today my Mom is turning 66. I could focus on how it will be the last birthday we will have with her, or I could reflect on some positive moments we've shared in the past. I will pick the latter, thank you very much! 

I think my love of fall comes from my mom's birthday being in September. We would always usher in the fall season with exciting birthday trips to Hartland Apple Orchard in Markham, VA, followed by apple cider donuts at The Apple House in Linden, VA. We would pile into the station wagon and mom would allow us to pop up the hatch and dangle our feet out the back as we drove 1 mile an hour around the orchard. Between her yelling at us not to fall out (or push each other out), and laughing when I would inevitably get stuck in, or tumble out of a tree (because my sister would shove me), it always felt like a real celebration. In the end, my mom got put to work making apple pies and apple sauces and whatever else she could think of, because none of us knew how to bake anything. 

My sister, dad, and I went last week to do just that. We definitely ate too many donuts, and picked too many apples, so now we have to make the best recipe of (f)all - APPLE CRISP!