All in Rerouting

Disasters in Celebration: Coping with Change

The last summer vacation with my mom was out in the country, at a beautiful house with ample space to roam around. While we pretended we were having fun and tried to watch movies and enjoy being away from our responsibilities, we were also blocking exits, running in and out of the house whenever she decided to do so, and unpacking things as she packed them back up. On the way home, as we were driving 45 miles an hour down Rte 29, she decided to reach over my dad while he was driving, and slam the car into Park. The car made a crazy sound, but my dad corrected. I wedged myself between them in the front seat but she kept trying to reach over. We pulled over, and I drove the rest of the way with my parents in the back seat, my dad calming my mom and holding her back. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thursday our news feeds will be full of happy families and friends celebrating Thanksgiving together.  Before my mom got sick, I loved to see these photos and would post them too, but with her illness came a cloud over celebrations I used to love.  It was difficult for me to see others enjoying a holiday that had now become stressful for my family. Over the years transitioning my mom into full-time care and experiencing these holidays without her, we found a new normal, but it took some time to feel comfortable with that.